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The Most Important Trade Route in History

The Maritime Silk Road is the sea trade route from China to Europe that has driven world history for more than 2200 years from the Fall of Rome, Bubonic Plague, Europe’s Renaissance, Christopher Columbus discovering the America’s, the rise and fall of Imperial China, the American Revolution, and much more. These were all directly caused by the Maritime Silk Road. Yet, few people have heard of it. 

Learn about this and why the land-based Silk Road, that most people have heard of, has comparatively little historic importance. This historical documentary series will challenge generally perceived views of history, the world, and humanity as well as shed light on modern world politics like the rebirth of this route in the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, part of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative.

About – My Story

Host: Jeffrey Lehmann

History Just Didn’t Make Sense

I have spent most of my life traveling the world learning a little history here and there along the way. It all seemed like a confused jumble, a giant jigsaw puzzle. I didn’t understand; How a great civilization like China was subdued by small European powers from half a world away? What’s so special about the Spice Islands? How did little European countries become so powerful? Why did Americans risk their lives in a revolution when they were hardly taxed and enjoyed tremendous freedoms while being protected by one of the greatest armies on earth? These are just a very few of my conundrums. Slowly but surely, as I kept these nagging questions in the back of my head, a clear picture began to appear. What once seemed like totally disparate events in history suddenly began to have one, then two, and continually more connecting threads. The over-simplified history I was taught in grade school; Ancient Greece led to Rome then to Europe and finally to America due to the Western World’s superior intelligence, work ethic, religion, and morals. This began to totally fall apart under scrutiny. 

I had other nagging questions; How were camel trains really able to supply the West’s voracious hunger for porcelain, silk, tea, and spices? Why was Asia spared the plague but not Europe? Why was the West so dependent on slaves? What caused China’s insatiable desire for silver? It was these and many other nagging questions that drove me in search of answers. These answers surprised me more and more, especially since they do not follow the narrative of history usually regurgitated in the West. One thing I realized early on was that these answers could not simply be answered by researching books or even in just traveling to sites. It was going to require actually experiencing these things first hand like riding a camel in a vast desert to paddling a dragon boat in Hong Kong harbor. Each experience gives me further insight that books alone cannot. My research continually leads me to deeper and deeper connections and understandings. It’s these revelations that drove me to create this series to share this information. I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery on the Maritime Silk Road.

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